Testimonials From Elementary Schools

"...The comments I heard in the hall, at lunch, on the playground, and in the Teacher Workroom were, in essence, you were fantastic. The "I Can Do It Attitude" Show could not have come at a better time because we are between progress reports and report cards and our children needed to hear, "I Can Do It" from someone who mesmerized and captivated the audience. Everyone loved Vern and even the teachers were saying what an incredible ventriloquist you were. You effectively captivated your two audiences of over 275 in each group by first laying very positive ground rules for appropriate audience responses such as clapping and being quiet when a finger was placed over lips. The gym was hot, the bleachers were packed, yet children were engaged from the moment you spoke to the end of the show. It was so obvious you teach because you were well prepared and there was not one minute to lose one child's interest..." Julie Graham, Principal, Oglethorpe Primary School, Lexington, GA.

"...What a delight! The assembly program given by you recently at Atha Road Elementary School was outstanding. From the laughter and attentiveness, you could tell how much the students enjoyed your magic and ventriloquist act geared toward recognizing 'Red Ribbon Week.' Please accept my thanks and that of the entire school for your marvelous program, and please understand how deeply we appreciate your coming our way." H. W. Bill George, Principal, Atha Road Elementary School, Monroe, GA.

"The magic show was excellent! The references you made to reading had an effect on the children. The media specialist told me that about "200" children had requested your magic book as well as some of the other books. . . . During the kindergarten, first and second graders show, the children LOVED that you would make "mistakes" with your magic and get to help you with the act. Also, when the magic did work, they seemed to be even more impressed. Allowing children participation is always the key in helping them to learn most anything. . . During the third, fourth, and fifth graders show, many of the teachers commented on how well the children reacted to your show. Most of the fourth and fifth graders usually can be a little obnoxious during large gatherings, but the way you worked with them to keep them interested kept any rudeness at bay. While the younger children had fun watching your show, the older children seem to have more fun trying to figure out how to do your tricks. Some of them were able to talk about how some magic is performed, but they certainly were surprised when you performed some magic that they had NO WAY of understanding how you did it (such as the moving eyes on the face)! Even when they were able to figure out some tricks, your enthusiasm kept them listening and your smoothness from act to act kept them interested. Since I saw both shows, I can comment that the terms you used with each show were certainly right on target. Using an ipod with the older group made a great impression with the differences between video games and DVDs compared to the 8,400 books in our media center. You did a great job of knowing what words and materials to use with the different age groups. I enjoyed your shows very much. I also heard from over half of the staff that attended the show that they thought you were great as well as that sidekick bird you had with you. Many teachers commented on how nice it was to reward the children with a show instead of with food! I plan to keep you in mind for something special next year, so please leave our school on your email list. Thanks, again, for being so pleasant to work with and for providing such an excellent show to encourage reading in our children." Cynthia Shaw, EIP Teacher, Comer Elementary School, Comer, GA

"...Thank you Mr. Keith. The educational program which you presented at Danielsville Elementary School was outstanding. The K-2 grades enjoyed it immensely and so did I. You were terrific at capturing and holding the audience's attention. Your 'I can Do It-Attitude' show sent a positive message to our students and made their school day a little brighter. They enjoyed every minute and will look forward to your return for another program. I highly recommend your show to other elementary schools in the Athens and North Georgia area." Sammy Wood, Principal, Danielsville Elementary School, Danielsville, GA.

"Mr. Keith's Magic Show was a hit at Oconee County Primary School! The students were amazed by his tricks and had a great time. The show was very age appropriate and upbeat - it had a good message of "I Can Do It!" The show was exciting and had the kids motivated and enthused. It was nice that Mr. Karnok had everything with him that he needed for the show - we didn't have to provide any equipment or do set up of any kind. I was very pleased with the entire experience and would recommend his magic to anyone looking for entertainment for kids! We will definitely ask Mr. Keith to come back to OCPS in the future!" Deana Divine, Library Media Specialist, Oconee County Primary School, Watkinsville, GA.

"Mr. Karnok did a fabulous magic show! The students were constantly engaged. I often looked across the audience and saw students staring at him with their mouths wide open-in a state of disbelief. Not only did he capture the students' attention and entertain them, but he also sent an important message. It is so important that every child knows that they CAN do it!" Erica Rapp, 2nd grade teacher, Oconee County Primary School, Watkinsville, GA

"Mr. Keith, I found your show VERY entertaining! You held not only the young, but the young at heart. Keep all that wonderful energy and thanks for coming!" "My fifth graders really enjoyed the show. I was impressed by Mr. Keith's gift of gaining and maintaining the attention of all students in the room. The show was very entertaining as well as educational. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience that you provided for our students. Hopefully, we will be able to invite you to our school again." Comments made by teachers and Media Specialist, Patricia Graham, Beaverdam Elementary School, Elberton, GA

"Thank you for coming to our school to inspire our students to read by using the vehicle of magic. I have spoken to a few teachers about the performance and they have all had positive things to say: 'Very entertaining,' 'Exciting for the kids,' 'A good message' etc...I thought it went very well and hopefully can have you back again. One thing I have noticed today is that I have had quite a few students come to the media center for books on magic. That tells me that the show inspired them to read and learn which is what we are after." Carla Smith, Media Specialist, Whitehead Road Elementary School, Athens, GA

"Loved it! I thought he was very funny!" "I thought it was very entertaining for the kids. I felt like the students were well behaved and attentive. I especially enjoyed the way he was able to involve students in the act as well." "The magic show was a hit at Bramlett. The students were amazed by the tricks. You did a great job capturing the children's attention. All day I heard the students say "I can do it." I thought the show gave a positive message and captivated the students and teachers." Comments made by teachers and forwarded by Ms. Val Hyde, first grade teacher, Bramlett Elementary School, Auburn, GA

"Mr. Keith’s program at our school was great. Both teachers and students loved it: students loved the magic and the silliness and teachers loved the message. We all just enjoyed the laughs. Since the program, we have continued to remind our students of his “I can do it” message and it seems to have stuck. It was a great “break” in our normal schedule, but it was time well spent. I would definitely consider having Mr. Keith back for programs in the future. His program was popular with one and all. Thanks, Mr. Keith-your program was magic for us." Tad MacMillan, Principal, Barrow Elementary School, Athens, GA

"Keith the Magic Man put on a fantastic show for our school! He performed two very different shows for us, one for PK-2 and one for 3-5. Each show catered to the specific attention levels, energy levels, and interests of each age group. The kids and teachers LOVED the great entertainment and received a positive message about having a great "can-do" attitude at the same time. I heard teachers as well as students commenting on how fun the show was all day! Keith the Magic Man was well prepared, very professional, and LOTS OF FUN! Thanks, Keith!" Melissa Kirk,Benton Elementary School,Nicholson, GA

"Thank you, Mr. Keith, for an absolutely magnificent assembly at Ila Elementary! Your visit coincided with the window of CRCT testing at our school. Your “ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING” presentation with magic embedded was a blast for all students pre-k – 5th grades! Teachers especially loved the “A-B-C” portion in which you discussed “Attitude, Belief in self, and Choice” of attitude and motivation for the test. This made the program personal and relevant to every student. We hope to be able to fund a reading program for next year. Thanks for a fun, motivational program!" Sandra Seymour,Assistant Principal,Ila Elementary School, Ila, GA

Testimonials From Libraries

“Your Show was GREAAAT!! You kept the kids entertained the WHOLE time, which is so important. So many other performers lack the enthusiasm you have. Kids from 2 to 12 were on their knees waiting on your next trick. The screaming and the laughing were so loud that I had to cover my ears, but I was laughing along with them.” Aime Scarbrough, Senoia Branch Library, Coweta Public Library System, Senoia, GA

"Keith Karnok performed a magnificent magical performance for a huge crowd at the Rome-Floyd County Library. He was fabulous. The children and parents were captured from his first magic trick. His ability to get on a child’s level is amazing and he definitely has crowd participation. We cannot wait to have Keith the magician back. FANTASTIC JOB!!!!!!." Barbara Evans, Children’s Librarian, Rome-Floyd County Library, Rome, GA

“Clearly Keith understands the magical way of captivating an entire audience's heart. His shows thoroughly delighted both young and old in our library system's summer program. Using a little silliness, a little magic, and a little ventriloquism mixed together competently with professionalism and a smile, Keith had the crowds in the palm of his hand. It is truly refreshing to see this combination of magic and ventriloquism at so high a level.” Gail Hogan, Youth Services, Hall County Library System, Gainesville, GA

"...Your show was excellent. The children loved your performance, tricks and attitude; their parents were equally impressed and enthusiastic about inviting you back for shows next summer. I was most impressed with your interaction with the audience; not every children's performer gets out into the audience as successfully as you can.I'm unequivocally recommending you as a performer for any future programs that my library--and those around me--hosts." Ben Carter, Children's Librarian, Conyer-Rockdale County Library, Conyers, Georgia.

“... Your show was, without a doubt, one of the best I've seen! I can't even describe how impressed I was. I received nothing but positive comments from the parents and kids in the audience. One loyal patron said that her three and a half year old was just enthralled from start to finish. There were kids in the audience who I know usually can't sit still for more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time and they were spellbound with your show from start to finish. Your energy was spectacular and the kids were involved with the program from the minute it started. And I loved how thoroughly and seamlessly you incorporated reading and books into the show. Kids were asking for books (especially magic books) nonstop after the show which, of course, is just what we wanted to happen! It was educational, inspiring, and entertaining for all ages of kids and adults WOW! What a professional you are. Thanks again for such a wonderful show, Keith.” Jessie Johnson, Children's Coordinator, Oconee County Library, Watkinsville, Georgia.

“...Thank you so much for the terrific performance! Parents and their children have asked me when you’re coming back. I can say without hesitation your performance was one of the best I’ve seen. In all my years running the Winterville Branch Library your show was the very first one all the children sat through...not one wiggler or wanderer. And this includes toddlers and teens: our two hardest ages to entertain.” Mary Linnemann, Branch Manager, Winterville Branch Library,Winterville, Georgia.

“Your show was GREAT!!! The kids and adults alike thoroughly enjoyed it. I know I did!!! I highly recommend you to anyone which I have already done. Keith kept the kids on the edge of their seats waiting to see what he was going to do next… I would not hesitate to use Keith again; in fact I look forward to calling upon him again… Thanks for an awesome program.” Mary Spencer, Manager, Statham Public Library, Statham, Georgia.

“We thought your performance was terrific! The children were really captivated by the various tricks, and several of them checked out magic books after the show. Your rapport with the kids was fantastic- it was fun to watch their enthusiasm. I also had the opportunity to speak with several parents who had taken their children to your show at the Jefferson Library, and they all said that their children thoroughly enjoyed it… Thanks again for a great kick-off to our summer!” Katherine and Paige, Commerce Public Library, Commerce, Georgia.

“Keith, thanks so much for the fun! Everyone enjoyed your "magic"! We look forward to many more programs! Have a safe and restful summer and keep up the FUN!” Stacy Krumnow, Manager, Banks Public Library, Homer, Georgia.

“… We had 158 children which is huge, they were excited about seeing you and I was receiving calls asking when you would be here. After the show, children raided my magic books and had nothing but great things to say about you. Some of the statements were: ‘He was fun,’ ‘I want a magic book,’ ‘He was funny,’ ‘My children loved him,’… I wasn't able to watch the entire show, but of what I did see, you had the children's undivided attention. We could hear them laughing all the way across the lobby. Thank you for your great work and have a great year.” Michele Schneck, Library Associate, Monroe-Walton County Library, Monroe, Georgia.

"Keith Karnok kept babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and grade schoolers chanting their magic words, "I LOVE TO READ," with his public library magic show. Great, fun, kid-style magic tricks, constant references to library books, and a warm stage presence contributed to an entirely successful summer magic library program. One child asked as he left the show, ‘Will he come back next year?’" Jackie Elsner, Children’s Librarian, Athens Clarke County Library, Athens, Georgia.

“It was a great show and we all enjoyed it very much… We will keep you on our list to come back again. I could tell from the actions of the kids that they were having a great time, and some of the parents were talking about how good you were. Thanks for a great performance, and we hope to see you again in the future! Take care.” Fay Page, Manager, Auburn Library, Auburn, Georgia.

“Mr. Keith presented a fun and an entertaining program. The children actively participated. Along with all the laughs he incorporated all the information necessary to promote reading. He also encouraged children to participate in our Vacation Reading Program. Many of the parents and children stated how much they enjoyed the program. One little girl said her favorite part was the beautiful flowers and another child really liked being squirted by the watermelon. One of the grandparents was very interested in contacting Mr. Keith to book him for an event. The program was a big hit. I would recommend his act highly.” Rosie Chitwood, Branch Manager, Royston Public Library, Royston, Georgia.

"... Mr. Keith was prompt, professional, and best of all: LOADS OF FUN for parents, kids, and staff. Children giggled and squealed with delight at Mr. Keith and Vern's antics. They're all asking when he'll be back!" Jan Burroughs, Branch Manager, Oglethorpe County Library, Lexington, Georgia.

“The kids, parents and I really loved your show. We liked how you tied it to reading and I was glad to see that you brought actual books. Thanks for involving kids in the act they will really remember that. I would like to see more of Vern he was cute. Maybe he could open the show, have to take a nap, and then close the show. Thanks again. Hope to see you next year." Cynthia Jameson, Bogart Library, Bogart, Georgia.

“What a wonderful time we all had watching your magic and listening to your stories about reading. It is obvious you love what you do as it is reflected in your interaction with the audience and your involvement in the present moment. Your show had the perfect balance of silliness and object lesson: the kids laughed and had fun but it never got "out of control". That is an art! Thank you so much for sharing your time and energy with our library and we hope you come visit us again soon!” Suzie DeGrasse, Branch Manager, Madison County Library, Danielsville, Georgia.

“Thank you for a wonderful performance at our library. I was very pleased with how you and Vern inspired the children and encouraged them to read. The day you came our staff was pleasantly swamped with young readers eager to check out books at the end of your show. Hearing the children yell out, "I love to read!" as the magic words was very exciting and great reinforcement. Your performance definitely shows your commitment to education and was perfect for our Vacation Reading Program.” Melanie Correll, MLIS, Library Manager, Monroe-Walton County Library. Monroe, Georgia.

”...’Great!’ ‘Amazing!’ ‘How did he do that?’ ‘It was FUN!’ You incorporated books and a positive promotion of reading, magic, music, ventriloquism, and audience participation to create a very entertaining show that appealed to our target audience of pre-K through 5th grade. The kids really seemed to love it. They were laughing and interacting with you throughout your performance...” Holly Heitman, Library Manager, Stanton Memorial Library, Social Circle, Georgia.

“… Mr. Keith, was fantastic and taught the kids all about the library while entertaining them at the same time. The magician showed the children all kinds of different books that they could find at the library...books about magic, sports, animals, cooking, flowers and everything in between. He also talked about Dr. Seuss and had the children sing their ABC’s…The magician was fantastic and completely engaged the children from start to finish. The children were actively participating in the show the entire time and loved having to shout the magic words ‘I love to read’ to make the tricks happen which was not only fun, but also positive reinforcement! The Magic Show was a big success and made the children excited about reading and getting their parents to read to them so that they could participate in the reading contest this summer.” Miguel Vicente, Branch Manager, Pinewoods Library, Athens, Georgia.

“... I do want you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed both presentations of your program. It was funny, very entertaining, even educational, and just plain fun! The children and the adults responded with enthusiasm. It was my first time ever being a "magician's assistant" and it was great fun. Again, I truly enjoyed your presentation. May the Lord bless you and your family.” Dorothy Harrison, Branch Manager, Lay Park Community Resource Center, Athens, Georgia.

“I wanted to send a note and say how much the patrons enjoyed your show at O'Kelly Memorial Library… The kids enjoyed all the magic as well as the puppet part. I would recommend Keith to anyone considering a magic show at their library. Thanks again,” Rick Vetsch, Library Manager, O'Kelly Memorial Library, Loganville, Georgia.

“The volume was perfect, we have had people in the past which the speakers would get too loud and the children would get scared and upset. But your volume control was magnificent. You were fantastic in "sticking" with the theme the library hosted. I think the children got the idea of learning from books the way you referred to the book... The children were enthusiastic and enjoyed the program immensely. Thank you for coming to our library… The children loved you!” Katherine R. Rintoul, Pendergrass Public Library, Pendergrass, Georgia.

“All the comments I have heard have been "rave" ones… We were especially impressed at the way you made books the foundation of the different acts, thank you for doing that. We were also impressed with the control you had over the children - they can be difficult at times for some people…” Lois Gossette, President, Friends of Green County Library, Green County Library, Greensboro, Georgia.

"...W.H. Stanton Memorial Library was fortunate to experience the entertainment and magic of Keith Karnok. He not only was fun and inclusive, but he also touched on our Vacation Reading Program theme with the children. Keith displayed books to the audience and encouraged them to check out our library. His enthusiasm was contagious and the kids thoroughly enjoyed his show as well as the adults. I recommend him to anyone that would enjoy learning and having fun at the same time! Janet King, Manager, W.H. Stanton Memorial Library, Social, Circle, Georgia

"Keith---thank YOU! for the wonderful show. and YES---I would sit through it all over again. It is a rare occasion where not only do I have the pleasure of doing my job--but also enjoying it exceptionally ! Your show was such an occasion. The comments from the parents were things like "he was GREAt", "WE LOVE"D IT" and of course from the smiles on the faces----goes without saying BUT I will say it---you were a smash HIT! Thanks for your wonderful show----I hope we see you again in the near future! a new FAN!" Brenda Poku, Children's Librarian, Newton County Library, Covington, GA.

"Thanks for coming, we just love you! You will hear from us again!!" Candi Womack, Talmo Library Manager, Talmo, GA


"Keith, your show was both magical and informative! The parents loved the way you interacted with the audience. You went above and beyond our expectations of a magic show. Already I’ve had several requests to book you for next year’s VRP. Keep up the great work!" Kimbla Heard-Rucker, Children’s Services, Hart County Library,Hartwell, GA

"Keith, I don't have to tell you how great you are. The patrons did it for me. To start with with, we had 158 children which is huge,they were excited about seeing you and I was receiving calls asking when you would be here. After the show, children raided my magic books and had nothing but great things to say about you. Some of the statements were: "He was fun," "I want a magic book," "He was funny," "My children loved him," "Now I have to find the magic books." I wasn't able to watch the entire show, but of what I did see, you had the children's undivided attention. We could hear them laughing all the way across the lobby. Thank you for your great work and have a great year. Michele Schneck, Library Associate, Monroe-Walton County Library, Monroe, GA.

"Keith's magic show was one of the best special events we have ever had at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston. Our patients are clearly going through quite a challenging time when they are here. It was a true joy to see the children laughing and shouting with delight. The parents were equally pleased to feel so much joy in the room. He was able to intertwine messages of hope and health in a magical, creative and humorous way. Having had personally experienced extended stays in a hospital as a child, he had a sensitivity to their needs that few can offer. He shared his insights and optimism an in educational and playful manner, encouraging patients to read and learn new skills as he was able to as a patient. I highly recommend this wonderful performer for any group of children! Thank you, Keith!" Meryl Franco, Special Event Coordinator, Volunteer Services, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia 30322

Testimonials From Preschools

"Our children enjoyed this magic show more than any other in the past. It was not only fun but educational as well. Awesome show!" Sheila Chasteen, Director, Little Ones Academy Preschool and Daycare, Athens, GA.

"Mr. Keith's magic and ventriloquism skills were excellent. The kids had a great time as well as learned an important message. Everyone especially enjoyed "Vern" the talking bird. The entire show was excellent and I highly recommend it." Holley Downs, Director, Oconee Pre-K Downs Preschool, Inc., Watkinsville, GA

"The way all the children were involved in the show was fantastic. No one felt left out. The "I can do it" message used in the show was perfect for this age group." Re O'Rourke, Co-Director, The Preschool Academy, Athens, GA

I strongly recommend this magic show. Mr. Keith has a special talent for capturing and holding the attention of even our youngest preschooler. He was punctual, professional and a real joy to work with." Nikki Wright, Director, Oconee Preschool Academy, Watkinsville, GA.

"Wow, what a great show. The first show you did a few months ago on attitude was terrific. This show on eating healthy was as good if not even better! You really relate to the children. The tricks are straight forward and easy to understand. The talking bird was a real attention grabber. What a great and fun character. We plan to have you back many times in the future. Thanks!" Linda Dixon, Director, The Preschool Academy, Athens, GA

"The magic drawing board trick held the kids spell bound. What a surprise when it started to move its eyes and talk! Being a small childcare facility, I appreciate the fact that you take into consideration the fact that facilities like mine don't have a lot of financial resources. I think the adjustment you make in your fees is extremely fair. The fact is, if you didn't make this adjustment, there would be no way children in small facilities would have the chance to experience your outstanding show. Great magic show and thank you." John Butler, Director, Inspiring Minds Montessori Preschool, Athens, GA

"I've never seen our children have so much fun. It makes me feel so good to see them get so excited. Thank you for including them in your show. It was great." Liz Cavanaugh, Parkview Playschool, Inc., Athens, GA

"Thank you for presenting a truly WONDERFUL MAGIC SHOW at Little Angels Educare. We had the best time together!! The children were quite fascinated with you and the magical sounds of laughter were simply beautiful!! We loved your magic show from beginning to end. I was so impressed with the way your show captivated the attention of each and every child in the room. Your magic show had the ENTIRE CLASS AT FULL ATTENTION!! I watched the show because it was so much FUN and the children gave you their undivided attention (they were eagerly looking forward to what would happen next). DURING THE ENTIRE SHOW EVERYONE (TEACHERS AND CHILDREN myself included) WERE JOYFULLY CAPTIVATED! So we would like to extend to you a heartfelt THANK YOU FOR THE MAGIC YOU SHARED WITH LITTLE ANGELS EDUCARE!!!! You have an open invitation to come and share with us on any occasion and please use this letter as a point of reference for those in need of a Truly Magical Experience. Thank You So Very Much." Phoebe Wilson, Director/Owner,Little Angels Educare, Covington, GA.

“Great show! I love the way you included everyone to help you with your show.” Patti Gatewood, Director, Learn ‘N’ Play Childcare, Winder, GA

“The show was very energetic and very funny! It’s not easy to keep the attention of 3 and 4 year olds for 45 minutes. You did it with ease and the children even wanted more. I’m very impressed with your show.” Melissa Martin, Owner, Learn ‘N’ Play, Winder, GA

“You provide a quality show. It’s both fun and educational, I liked how “Vern” reinforced the message. It’s great to blend an important message with fun. Great job. We plan to have you back.” Jerris King, Director, Miss Jeanelle’s Too, Hull, GA

“Your show is meaningful and fun. You held the kids attention every single second. They loved you! Thank you for coming and we hope to have you back real soon.” Mollita Clark, Director, A Kids World, Loganville, GA

“Your fee is very reasonable especially for the quality show you provide. You put a lot of effort into what you do. The kids had a great time and learned an important message. Thank you." Rochelle Wright, Director, Back to Basics, Monroe, GA

“Excellent show! You kept it moving which held all the kids attention to the fullest. I appreciate how you got everyone involved. I’ve never seen them laugh so hard. Just a real fun time. We’re making plans to have you back again real soon.” Mollie Lewis, Director/Owner, Mollies Learning Center, Monroe, GA

“Thank you so much for coming to my class! The children loved it.” Dale Ipock, First grade teacher, Oconee County Primary School, Watkinsville, GA

“Great job! Fun and enthusiastic. Great Messages for the children to hear." Melanie Hegwood, teacher, Oconee County Head Start, Bogart, GA

“Mr. Keith knows how to relate to young children. Vern the “talking bird” was enjoyed by everyone. The entire show was excellent and I highly recommend it.” Gina Lonnee, Director, Kids-R-Kids, Bogart, GA

“Mr. Keith provides a show that’s not only fun but has real meaning to it. The children had a terrific time. I highly recommend him.” Ms. Evelyn Adams, Director, Kids Nest, Watkinsville, GA

“Super show. You really involved all the children. Everyone had a great time. Thanks!" Bill Allgood, Owner, Miracle Years of Learning, Colbert, GA

“Our teachers as well as our children found your show both educational and lots of fun. I believe even our youngest child came away with the idea that “I can do anything.” Great show and keep up the excellent work.” Lorrie Bass, Director, Little One’s Academy-East, Athens, GA

“I thought your show was excellent. Even the older children enjoyed it. You have a good knack for keeping the attention of all children (and even the teachers). We hope to have you back.” Kim Turner, Director, Harvest Early Learning Center. Winterville, GA

“You really put on a wonderful show. It definitely is a high energy performance. Thank you!” Ms. Tori Moody, Teacher, Kids World of America, Athens, GA.

“Great show. The children enjoyed participating. Everyone felt part of the action That’s not easy to do with a large group of young children.” Brenda Roberts, Assistant Director, Watkinsville First Baptist Day Care, Watkinsville, GA.

“I really enjoyed the show. But my favorite part was the bird. Having the children sing the ABC’s was a great way to learn without even noticing it. I also liked that the children were able to help out with the show. Everyone enjoyed it. Thank you." Brandi Godsrey, Teacher, Kiddieland, Watkinsville, GA.

“Your magic show was great. The children really got a kick out of the “magic flying tie.” They will be talking about your show for a long time. Thanks." Kim Reed, Teacher, Kiddy Land Early Learning Center, Madison, GA.

“It was fun to see all the children so involved. It seemed like all ages enjoyed the show immensely. Great job!" Patricia Pitts, Teacher, Kiddy Land Early Learning Center, Madison, GA.

“Thanks for the “secret lesson” incorporated into the fun. “I can do it” is what they all must learn.” Kathy Barden, Director, Learning for Life, Loganville, GA.

“Super performance by you and the talking bird. All the children really liked the picture that talked, especially since they helped draw it. The “I can do it” message, was great for this age group. Thanks!” Pat Fowler, Director, Katherine’s Kiddie Kampus, Athens, GA.

“Your show was really great. There was plenty of group participation as well as individual helpers. This allowed everyone to fell part of the action. You never lost the children’s attention which is a trick in itself!” Tammy Eberhart, Teacher, Oconee Preschool Academy, Watkinsville, GA.

“Great job. Even I laughed all the way through the performance! I love the ‘I can do it’ message.” Diane Rice, Director, Cornerstone Christian Preschool, Director, Athens, GA.

“Awesome job! Mr. Keith was able to hold the attention of toddlers thru Pre-K. I will definitely have him back!” Shelley McCannon, Activities Director, Cornerstone Christian Preschool, Athens, GA.

“Mr. Keith’s show was one of the best we have had at our school. This was “educational fun” at it’s best. As an educator for over eleven years, I have seen many child entertainers, this was one of my favorites!” Katherine Thilo, Director, Old Peachtree Montessori School, Auburn, GA.

“It’s hard to believe that you held everyone’s attention for a full 45 minutes or more. Even my two and three year olds sat and listened. They loved it! We very much would like to have you back again.” Brenda Hopkins, Director, Children’s Friend, Winder, GA.